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The benefits of working with a Certified Payment Professional

The benefits of working with a Certified Payment Professional

When you work with a certified payment professional, you’ll benefit from their experience and expertise. They have the skills, knowledge, and credentials to provide you with tailored advice and guidance on your merchant services, point of sale and payment processing needs.

What is a certified payment professional? 

Certified Payment Professionals or CPP’s are individuals who have completed an extensive training program through the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) for professionals in the payments industry. The ETA is an organization that serves as the hub for the electronic payments industry by offering education, training and engaging in policy advocacy nationally and internationally.

Unlike many industries, salespeople in the payments profession are not required to undergo any specific training or obtain any certifications or designations to sell payment processing equipment or services. By completing this intensive industry training offered by the ETA, Certified Payment Professionals have demonstrated a high level of commitment to their profession, the industry, and their clients.

Professionalism and Integrity

A Certified Payment Professional will always operate with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. They have a commitment to the highest standards of practice, ensuring that your finances are managed in an ethical and responsible manner. You can rest assured that your point of sale system and credit card processing needs are in safe hands when working with a Certified Payment Professional.

Comprehensive Advice and Guidance

A certified payment professional will take the time to get to understand your business and your specific needs. They will provide you with comprehensive advice and guidance on your merchant service’s needs and help you to make sense of statements and fees. They will be able to offer you tailored advice on how to get the most out of your program, helping you to make informed decisions and maximize your financial potential. 

If you are a business owner who is looking to ensure they are getting the best possible rate, the right product for their needs and industry leading service, contact us today – one of our Certified Payment Professionals will be happy to offer you a complimentary consultation and review.

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