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Stevens Dog Training

We believe in positive reinforced dog training. When we opened in April of 2014, our mission was to help every dog become a well behaved member of their forever families. Our training helps to keep more dogs out of shelters and keep families connected with their companions on a personable level. At Stevens Dog Training, we treat pets like family because that is exactly what they are…family.

This business started with a boy’s dream. His dream was to work with animals. He desired to help them on a level that not many owners could. His name is Daniel Stevens and as one of the owners of Stevens Dog Training, he has also had a desire to help animals in shelters as well as stay out of shelters. The staff at Stevens Dog Training are second to none and are fully committed to helping your companion become loyal, lovable, and trained in any way you need them to be.

Eagle Mountain, Utah

Merchant Spotlight

We love our merchants, and we thank them for their entrepreneurial spirit, work-ethic, and the boost that they give to their local economies. We believe that helping to promote their business is just another way that we at Bay State Merchant Services can express our gratitude for all that they do for the community.