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Restaurant Marketing: Another fresh lesson straight from the oven of Kamron Karington with Author of “Gun To The Head Marketing”, KK lays out how important Adaptive Marketing is right now for restaurants as we move out of this shut-down… and beyond.

This – rather scientific – approach has made big companies a lot of money, because they cater a huge portion of their marketing directly to us as individuals. They follow the ebb-and-flow of our spending habits over time. However, restaurants can do this too, and typically with the info you’re already collecting with your POS system.

A general problem with coupon offers is the one-size-fits-all model, which gives customers a chance to spend less. However, a customized points or rewards program will drive more spending from your customers. In fact, Kamron tells the story of one restaurant that went into the COVID shut-down strong, was already using adaptive marketing, and came out three months later much stronger.

“Use adaptive marketing to incentivize your customers to spend more, while your competitors are training their customers to spend less.” ~ Kamron Karington

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