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Marketing: “As I sat, defeated and hopeless in my pizzeria early one morning… an “aha” moment changed everything. The fog was gone… I knew EXACTLY what was needed to turn this failing nightmare into a pulsating business.” ~ Kamron Karington

The marketing principles used by Kamron to reinvent and resurrect his pizza restaurant are applicable for businesses of all types and sizes. On a macro level, it almost always comes down to a mindset.

Episode #1:
– 30 days into owning a pizzeria, was this the biggest mistake of my life?
– How a night sleeping on top of the walk-in cooler led to the “aha” moment.
– The single, unexpected question that changed my life.
– The pitch that became the blueprint for every ad I ever put out.
– Sales doubled in 30 days and rampaged upward from $12,000 to $149,000 a month.
– Why fear crystalizes your thinking and eliminates weak alternatives.

To paraphrase Tony Robbins (and perhaps many others)… The brain will do more to avoid pain than it will to gain pleasure.

Kamron Karington and currently grows sales for high-volume independents, multi-unit and franchise operators nationwide.

FUN FACT: Just like with our “Merchant Spotlight” program, our $1,000 savings guarantee on payment processing is unprecedented.

Merchant Spotlight

We love our merchants, and we thank them for their entrepreneurial spirit, work-ethic, and the boost that they give to their local economies. We believe that helping to promote their business is just another way that we at Bay State Merchant Services can express our gratitude for all that they do for the community.