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You don’t have to be the founder of BOTH Tesla and Spacex to experience the challenges, fear, doubt, glory, and wonder of pursuing a dream. These dreams are the common thread that bind together those of us who can’t seem to fight the urge to start and run our own business – to work for ourselves. From a small family-owned restaurant to a large car company, and everything in between, success requires nothing less than razor-sharp focus and what often feels like more hours than physically possible, yet entrepreneurs are succeeding at this every day. In fact, most feel they have no choice.

Two of Elon Musk’s heroes, Astronauts Gene Cernan and Neil Armstrong – both of whom serve as a huge source of inspiration for Musk – testified to Congress against Musk’s idea of developing a commercial space-flight program. This rejection, along with the other countless naysayers, the immense cost involved, and three consecutive failed launch-tests should have been enough for anyone to rethink their plans and shift efforts elsewhere – and honestly, there wouldn’t be any shame in that – yet, Musk refused to give up on this dream. …”I don’t ever give up.” ~ Elon Musk

ALL merchant service providers say they’ll save you money…but we back OUR guarantee with a $1000 check if for some reason we can’t save you money – but, let’s go next-level!

Our “Merchant Spotlight” series features a customized business web page on our site that links to the merchant’s social media accounts and contact info. We sponsor and boost these pages on social media – in the merchant’s home market – at no cost to them.

This is just another way that we show much-earned appreciation to our merchants for trusting us with their payment processing. Besides (actually) saving them money on payment processing, our customer service and emphasis on long-term relationships sets us apart.

We will not be out-worked, especially at striving to be the very last payment processor our clients will ever need. We want that more than anyone else. Period.

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Merchant Spotlight

We love our merchants, and we thank them for their entrepreneurial spirit, work-ethic, and the boost that they give to their local economies. We believe that helping to promote their business is just another way that we at Bay State Merchant Services can express our gratitude for all that they do for the community.