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Small Business Education


Marketing legend Jay Abraham challenges you to become the only viable solution for your clients and to lead them to success. In this video Jay shares his strategy of preeminence and asks you to think about points like:

* Make your business be the only alternative
* Lead your customers – people don’t trust the system
* You’re not being told the whole truth. Here’s the truth as I see it
* Most people don’t know what focus is until they’ve made it

No matter the type of business that you own, you have customers – or even better, you have “clients”. Jay illustrates some of the best ways in which to treat your clients – for businesses of any size and type.

“We all want to be led, we’re silently begging to be led. However, we want to be led by somebody who we feel absolutely has our best interest, not theirs, at heart.” ~ Jay Abraham

Merchant Spotlight

We love our merchants, and we thank them for their entrepreneurial spirit, work-ethic, and the boost that they give to their local economies. We believe that helping to promote their business is just another way that we at Bay State Merchant Services can express our gratitude for all that they do for the community.